Today Kathi and I birded from Fort Myers Beach all the way across to the Wellington area. We finally got our RED-COCKADED WOODPECKERS! Other highlights included this GLOSSY IBIS, which although not all that rare, was unique because it was missing all its right foot and lower leg. Only a stump was visible and the wound appeared to be fairly fresh. We wondered whether it was a large turtle or an alligator?

At Okeeheelee Park we spent some productive time at the bird feeders. We tallied no fewer than 13 PAINTED BUNTINGS and 5 INDIGO BUNTINGS! Only two were adult male PAINTED BUNTINGS. There were at least 9 or 10 that were female type birds with one or two of these being much brighter green. The one below appeared to be a first year male because of the orangy red present on the lower breast!

The other exciting bird that appeared at the feeders was a female DICKCISSEL! We were thrilled to find this bird still lingering as it was expected to depart any day now.

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  1. Nice pics Tom, I'm jealous! Please say hello to my Mom. bp.