I spent most of today checking out Joe Overstreet and Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area south of Kissimmee. The landing at Joe O was not as productive as usual, but still lots of great birds. According to Rob, the airboat tour captain, the whoopers have moved south this year to around Lake Okeechobee. BTW - I recommend his tours. Have done them in the past with Kathi and he really knows where the birds are, and gets you great views.

In Three Lakes my main target was the endangered RED-COCKADED WOODPECKER. I was too late to see them leaving roost holes but managed to find a number of birds foraging. Here is a photo of one of pair that seemed to be searching for a nesting cavity. Note that this bird is colour banded (for identification) as all of the RCWPs are here.

As I entered the WMA it was apparent that hunting was in full swing (turkey season I think). At the entry gate one hunter was decked out in full gear leaning against the gate staring off into the forest with his shotgun in his arms and ready for anything that moved. He warned me to 'be careful' out there! Ironically twenty yards past him there was a NORTHERN BOBWHITE standing on a log right beside the road. I was really pleased to get what is certainly my best image of this bird.

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