Kathi and I headed down to the park late morning in pursuit of a BELL'S VIREO. We joined up with Paul Pratt, Steve Pike, Mike Fitzpatrick, Sue Fortuna and several other good friends and took the new train down to the tip. After fifteen tense minutes, the yells went out from Steve and we were soon all enjoying fantastic views of this exceptionally tough bird. For Paul it was a new Canada bird, and for me it was only the second ever at Pelee.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying some great low views of old familiar friends. One of the best photo opps was this male AMERICAN REDSTART. This is a common bird here but always a stunning bird.

We also looked for a reported KIRTLANDS WARBLER in the afternoon but the bird hadnt been seen in two hours and we had no luck in our quest. We left the park after dinner but made an abrupt U turn when Bruce Di Labio phoned to say the bird was back and performing well on the west beach. A few frantic moments later we were on the beach enjoying another great rarity. This was a female KIRTLANDS, but still a gorgeous bird.

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  1. I had such a wonderful time this past week at Pelee. I'm very new to birding and so seeing everything and anything was a big thrill!
    The Kirtland warbler was not meant to be added to my list of warblers to spot, unfortunately. I kept missing it. Ian, a Brit from Toronto, was on the beach scouting for the LeConte's when a Kirtland jumped right out in front of him and landed on a stump! Of course when I came along a few minutes later, it was nowhere to be found. lol I guess that is the nature of birding, eh?
    Gives me something to look forward to next time.
    That sure is a great capture of both birds!

    Good Birding!