After six days we said goodbye to Napo Wildlife center and headed back to Coca. There were so many great memories from this wonderful place. One of the most profound was the exceptionally hard working and skilled local guides. I highly recommend a visit to Napo Wildlife Centre for anyone wanting an outstanding Amazonian experience!

Once back in Napo we had fun at the dock while waiting for our bus. The dock hotel has a menagerie of tame mammals and birds including a cheeky band of squirrel monkeys. No pack, drink or hairdo was safe! In the photo below, Andrea is totally in her element (with her work at the Cincinnati zoo) with a few treats for her friends.

We spent our final four days at Wild Sumaco lodge and San Isidro, pushing our group list to around 470 species of birds and 23 mammals (including 8 primates). Unfortunately I was under the weather for part of this, so I don't have a lot of photos to document this part of the trip. However, both provided a great wrap up to our Ecuadorian adventure!

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