Our last full day began with an extra early start so we could get out to the Napo river early. We hiked across the tower trail in the dark and light rain. Jills sharp eyes picked out a small snake sitting quietly on the trail. Fortunately it was a non venomous Tricolored Swamp Snake. Paul picked the snake up first, allowing me the confidence to do the same!

Our destination today were the small river islands in the Napo river. Although these islands look pretty poor as habitat, they hold a totally unique set of birds. We spent the morning visiting several sites including the one below. It doesnt look impressive but we saw some fantastic birds including Gray-breasted Crake and Lesser Wagtail-tyrant!

It was great to share this trip some dear friends, including Paul Pratt and Bruce Di Labio (pictured here with our native guide Mauriano). I have been lucky enough to call Bruce and Paul friends for nearly forty years and feel privileged to be able to say so!

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