This photo doesn't do justice to the schedule at Napo! Our wake up call while here came at 4:30 am, followed by a 5:00 am departure and then loading into canoes for day trips. This is half our group paddling with Marcelo - our bilingual Ecuadorian guide. Today he took half the group to the Tiputini Trail to search for forest birds while Jorge (another local guide) and I took the rest of the group across the lake and onto another trail that led past a 120 foot/36 meter/209 step canopy tower. Below is the view of the tower from below.

And here was the reward when you made it to the top (not the hug, but the view!). A scope was a must up here because the vista allowed for scanning in every direction and there was lots to see.

After about an hour someone (sorry I cannot remember who?) drew attention to the large brown bird sitting right below us in a Cecropia. It turned out to be a Spix's Guan. For the first half hour the bird wouldn't show its head, but then moved out into the open so I could digiscope this image.

Most of the morning was spent on the tower with many great birds showing for us. One of the closest was this White-necked Puffbird that actually landed right beside in the canopy.

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