WOOD DUCKS by the back door

April Fools Day started off with some fun. As I was having my morning coffee I was distracted by movement in the box right beside the deck. It turned out to be a female WOOD DUCK investigating the nest box. Perhaps because this box is so close to the back door (only 25 feet) they have never used it. However they did nest in this same box when it was by the pool deck about five years ago (an equally busy location). I watched her peek in the opening repeatedly while I worked on my crossword puzzle.

I decided to add a third owl/duck box this year in the hopes that either woodies or owls will nest in one. We will see. The screech owl is still in the middle box every morning and has been singing from there during the day at times. Lets hope that means they are hard at work!

While I was looking at the female wood duck I noticed some movement about fifty feet farther away and to the right. It was the male, who was clearly 'guarding' her as she checked out prospective nest sites. Once she flew off, he followed in close pursuit. Neither of these images is great because it was taken through the glass door at a bit of an oblique angle but you can certainly see what they are... and it was a nice way to start the day off.

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