The day started off slowly with poor light and strong winds. We didnt get shooting until nearly ten but Paradise Pond was even better than yesterday with nice bright overcast conditions. The buntings were still in place with a new selection of companions like this first spring male Orchard Oriole.

The Painted Buntings were more wary than the numerous Indigos, but finally came close enough for some decent images.

After the dull light of yesterday the bright overcast today allowed for much higher success rate with images, and much sharper captures. This male Indigo was a significant improvement over yesterdays work.

In late afternoon we headed south towards Corpus Christi and then had dinner at Chilis in Kingsville before continuing to Harlingen for the night. Tomorrow we head for South Padre Island hoping that we have the same standard of success there... who knows?


  1. enjoyed looking at these beautiful photographs and having you stay with us.
    Tracey @ Plantation Suites, Port Aransas, TX

  2. Hey Tom,
    That Painted Bunting is my nemesis bird....
    All I get is it's back in the driving rain in Pelee...or as it flashes through the brush in Texas on it's way to parts unknown!

    Anyway, enough sour grapes....
    Beautiful bird & I will get it one of those days I'm sure.
    Enjoy great birding
    Diane B