TUNDRA SWANS at Grand Bend

On Thurdsay morning (Mar 26) I got up early and headed north about two hours to take in the annual gathering of Tundra Swans near Grand Bend. Alf Ryder had posted word that there were 17,000 swans there earlier in the week, so I was hoping many would still be present. I wasn't disappointed! I got there just in time to get about twenty minutes of really nice light before a large cloud bank rolled in. The light picked up again later in the morning, providing some nice dramatic images. Here is a selection of some of my favourites. I was also shooting video, so I will have to go back to do this again next year.

This image shows that dramatic early light.

At times birds were come right overhead at low height. You had to be really fast to grab them though.

The light softened once the clouds arrived but it was bright enough to get some nice shots. I really liked these three shots despite the duller light.

The later morning light provided some dappled moments and this group of swans with reflections were taken then.

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  1. Nice photos. I especially like the fourth and fifth photos.