Kathi and I just finished several great days in Yellowstone National Park. This site is truly one of the most incredible protected areas I have ever visited. There were many people but it still was an outstanding experience. For me, two of the things I most wanted to see were wolves and grizzly bears. I had seen both before a number of times but with these mammals - more is always better!

On our first evening we had distant views of a very dark Wolf and a Grizzly grazing in a meadow. They were exciting moments but I was really hoping for a killer view of both. On our second full day we opted for an earlier start - hoping that we might luck into a close encounter with either species before the roads got busy. Not twenty minutes after we entered the park, there was an almost white Wolf walking along the roadside right beside us!!! We watched as the Wolf walked steadily along the roadside for several minutes. I drove alongside shooting images from the car window as I kept pace driving. The Wolf was carrying food in its mouth (looked like a bunch of bones and meat from a kill) and probably heading back to a den to feed some pups. Here are two of my best images below:

The Wolf sighting alone made our visit to Yellowstone a huge success. However, we had one more memorable moment to come. About an hour later we were driving northeast of Madison corner when we spotted a huge old Grizzly (male?) walking towards the road. It was perfect timing as the Grizzly slowly walked towards us following the edge of a meadow, turning over small logs and searching for food. He was really beat up, with scarred ears, eyes and a large wound on his shoulder - an old warrior to be sure! As he moved along we slowed closed the ground between him and us until he was only about 15 feet away! It was a thrilling moment as he crossed the road right in front of us, his breathe steaming in the cool clear morning air. We were the first car to find him but by the time he crossed the road there were about four other cars on the scene, including one that was appeared panicked as he crossed right behind them!

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