The year 2011 began with a quick scan of the bird feeders. Would the first bird of the year be a House Finch? or a House Sparrow? or something more exotic? Incredibly a thorough scan of the feeders and trees didn't turn up a single bird! Checking another window produced the reason why... a first year COOPER'S HAWK was perched right next to the feeders! What a great bird to start the year off and certainly this is the first time I have tallied this species to start out a year. Hopefully it bodes well for a year of high quality birds and birding!

As I filled the feeders up I was surprised to hear several COMMON REDPOLLS calling from overhead. They didn't seem to land but we'll keep an eye on the nyger feeder over the next couple of days. Hopefully they are the vanguard of a bigger movement.

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