Kruger hosts a wide variety of colourful species, but there is no bird more revered than the LILAC-BREASTED ROLLER. Amazingly this species is widespread and easy to see as it perches in on small bushes and shrubs in the open savanna.

The are half a dozen bee eater species possible in summer but in winter when we visited, only two are likely. These cozy WHITE-FRONTED BEE EATERS are the most widespread and common species then, with LITTLE BEE EATER also present in small numbers.

Shrikes and bush shrikes are particularly well represented in Kruger with over a dozen species likely on a visit of several days. This BLACK-CROWNED TCHAGRA is one of this 'clan'. They frequently forage on the ground, searching for small invertebrates.

Half a dozen species of robin chats occur in Kruger, with this WHITE-BROWED ROBIN CHAT being a typical showy representative.

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