Today was the first day of my Pelee bird hikes and we had a GREAT day. There weren't huge numbers of birds but we had really great views and good diversity and quality. Among the 15 warbler species we observed were a male WORM-EATING WARBLER (stunning close views, we finally walked away from the bird!), a male HOODED WARBLER (scope views of a preening male!), PRAIRIE WARBLER (a great view of a close male at fifteen feet), BLUE-WINGED WARBLER (at least 8 singing males studied at length), NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (incredible leisurely studies of at least six different individuals), a low close male CAPE MAY WARBLER, and a single male BAY-BREASTED WARBLER. Incredibly, we had only ONE Yellow-rumped Warbler all day. I am sure this is certainly the first time in 39 years of birding at the park that I have seen 8x more Blue-winged Warblers than Yellow-rumped Warblers in a day!!! Tomorrow the forecast looks good for more great birding. Can't wait.

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  1. All the Yellow-rumped Warblers must have been at Ojibway Park they were by far the most common warbler in the Park today.