After fantastic views of the ELEGANT TERN in Buffalo (and Ontario), I headed over to spend the weekend with Kathi. The drive along the 402 was marked by strong north winds so once across the Blue Water bridge I stopped in at the end of Riverview for a quick look at the gulls and the coast guard station. I was surprised to see another birder there, who quickly introduced himself as Ken Mettie. Once he told me about a HARLEQUIN DUCK he had just seen and photographed at Marysville I was on my way. He gave me some quick and excellent directions and I was soon at Marysville River Park.
As soon as I pulled my naked eye detected a single small dark duck that looked to have the right jizz. The binocs soon revealed a female/imm HARLEQUIN DUCK swimming just a hundred yards south of the parking lot! I grabbed the 500 mm and knocked off a few hand held frames which hopefully can be improved on if the bird sticks around for the winter.

If you are looking for this bird it was seen on the Michigan side of the St. Clair River, along River Road. The park was just south of the intersection of Huron and River in Marysville. On the Ontario side of the river this is opposite the Shell gas station just north of a small creek north of Guthrie Park and the town of Corunna.

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