I have been to Cape St. Marys on at least five occasions and every single time it has been foggy. This is not unusual at this time of the year as on average the cape is fogged in for 27 out of 31 days in July! Indeed when we visited on July 9th, it had been foggy at the cape for the last 17 days in a row. I prepared Kathi for the inevitable fog that would greet us at the cape even though it was sunny and clear on our drive south. Incredibly when we arrived at the cape, it was stunningly clear and we had incredible views of the ocean, birds and cliffs. Below is a scenic of the gannet colony.

It was a pleasant one km walk along the shoreline to the gannet colony. When we reached the site it was an absolutely spectacular view and the NORTHERN GANNETS were so close it felt like you could touch them.

 Just a few feet from the cliff is a large stack of rock separated from the main cliffs by about a hundred feet. This stack is literally covered with nesting GANNETS.

We spent almost an hour photographing GANNETS, KITTIWAKES, RAZORBILLS, MURRES and other seabirds nesting on the cliffs. I managed to convince Kathi to sit out on the promontory of rocks which were labelled "WARNING UNSTABLE CLIFFS" for this photo. 

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