Magee Marsh, OH parking lot May, 2012

Well curiosity finally got the better of me. This was the year that I finally had to head to Magee Marsh to see what was going on there. Kathi and I headed down for a quick visit in the first half of May. We bumped into a number of old birding pals while there, several of which were regulars at this site. The two days we spent there were best described as 'slow' at least for birds. On the other hand it was busy, busy, busy when it came to numbers of birders. It brought back memories of the enormous crowds at Pelee back in the mid 80s and THEN SOME!  Pelee today even at its busiest is much less crowded than the choked boardwalk at Crane Creek. Like Pelee I was amazed that there are no firm rules or restrictions on tripods or flash photography. As a photographer and birder these just seem like no brainers to me. At times it was impossible to move at all on the boardwalk, and many people seemed oblivious to the needs of others. It was a combination of birding at its best and worst - all at once! Below are a couple of pics of people on the famous Magee boardwalk.

Despite the huge crowds, Kathi and I had a lot of fun. We enjoyed seeing Magee, and renewing some old friendships and meeting some new birders.

And though it was slow, we got some great birds. No doubt the favourite of these was PROTHONOTARY WARBLER, which was present and easy to see at several sites along the boardwalk. Here are a couple of pics I managed to capture when I wasnt being jostled about!

Prothontary Warblers, Magee marsh, May 2012

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