Just got back from ten great days in Panama. I am going to do a series of quick posts on highlights of the trip. Upon arrival we spent two nights at La Estancia bed and breakfast on Ancon Hill in the centre of the city. This is a fantastic base for exploring the city. The facilities and staff are excellent and really good value. The b and b is located on Ancon Hill which is forested and lush on the upper half and the b and b feeds birds and monkeys bananas near the deck. The views are incredible.

I know BLUE-GRAY TANAGER is a common and widespread species but this photo is indicative of the viewing from the deck, and it is the best photo I have ever gotten of this bird. Below is another common bird, VARIABLE SEEDEATER. This male was one of several dozen that mobbed the feeders almost all day long.

So here is a more showy and difficult bird to photograph - ORANGE-CHINNED PARAKEET. This is a widespread species in the lowlands of central Panama. Again this was photographed from the deck at La Estancia.

So you have been patient and looked at the birds... now its time for the mammals that we enjoyed at La Estancia. The star attraction has to be the GEOFFREY'S TAMARIN monkeys that appear in small troops once or twice a day. They are addicted to the bananas that the staff hang in the forest next to the balcony. This is a gorgeous primate.

One morning we took a walk up Ancon Hill. Starting right from the door of the b and b this walk is through beautiful lush tropical forest and interspersed are fantastic views of the city below. The highlight of the walk was seeing several THREE-TOED SLOTHS including this comical individual who was scratching vigorously while hanging from his back legs!!

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