Laguna Atascosa is a large National Wildlife Refuge almost due east of Harlingen in south Texas. It is a good area to get nice pics of several of the common resident specialties such as Green Jay. While we were there at least three attended the feeders and were pretty unconcerned with our presence. They really are a gorgeous bird.

After almost two weeks in south Texas I had not seen ONE Roadrunner! On King Ranch we had heard one vocalize several times, but usually you bump into several in your travels. That was remedied today when we tallied no fewer than 5 Roadrunners in just over two hours. This one was feeding right in the open beside the road and really put on a nice show.

This refuge is one of the few places in the US with a population of Ocelots. There are several "slow for ocelots" signs along the 15 mile driving loop, which provide a real tease of the potential. We didn't see one of this gorgeous cats this time but we did get a great look at a Bobcat. He walked along the road in front of the car for several hundred yards allowing me to get a couple od distant snaps. The shot is heavily cropped but its still the only bobcat shot I have!!

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