Well what would a big day be without the heartache and what ifs of the day after? We arose late but within the first few hours in the field this Sharp-tailed Grouse teased us by walking proudly along the roadside for fifteen minutes! Of course this was a bird that was a no show the day before...

Not long after this incredibly late male Rough-legged Hawk was sitting right at the edge of the road. It seemed to be in pretty poor shape. Not surprising given the date. Those feathered legs dont help much in the early summer heat!

We continued across into the Sask side of the Cypress Hills where we spent the next two days. Here are a few pics from that wrap up time. This Great Horned Owl allowed us to stand within twenty feet as it was completely used to people.

And to wrap up the crossbill saga started back in May here are female (yellow) and juvenile (striped) Red Crossbills from the Cypress Hills.

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